IT'S NO SECRET that the world is in a bit of a scary place right now. With the numerous devastating wildfires, increasing numbers of earthquakes and hurricanes wreaking havoc across the world, and the continuing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic on 2020, we are in a time unlike any other. It is clear, now more than ever, that NOW is the time to prepare.

Despite the fact that countless people have come to this realization, the number of those who have actually taken measures to prepare is barely noticeable. As we looked deeper into why this is, we noticed a common problem. When it came to preparing for potential disasters and adversity, people just didn't know where to begin.

This is where NORTH STAR SURVIVAL was born...

We didn't start this company to simply sell survival kits. We started this company because we saw the pain, chaos and stress that hit thousands of homes as unexpected disasters and pandemics wreaked havoc across the nation, both in a temporal and emotional sense of the word. People need help preparing, and they need it now. Millions of families are so far from being prepared for what is to come, but they deeply desire direction and are in need of guidance.

Because we are deeply passionate about helping these families, we built what we call a HUMAN GUIDANCE SYSTEM, which is going to be critical during future times of need. We aren't just selling survival kits. We are building human beings to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared.

The North Star has always been known to hold perfectly still as the entire Northern sky swirls around it. The team here at North Star Survival strives to be that North Star for you as you prepare to be safe in the swirling world around you.

So join the club, and together we can grow towards a common goal and purpose of aiding humanity and becoming a beacon of light for those stuck in the storms of life.

North Star Survival Team